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Pet Memorials in Natural Stone
remembering our animal friends

Skip's pet memorial "...really something special, extremely well produced and a credit to his memory "

Running Free Pet Memorials

Here at Running Free, we care passionately about animals; about their welfare and happiness and are against all types of cruelty, neglect and mistreatment. On my website you can find links to the Animal Heath Trust (AHT) who do amazing health related veterinary research and also links to Pupaid, which is a campaign to reduce and hopefully stamp out the horrific practice of puppy farming which causes misery and harm to so many dogs. As pet owners ourselves, we fully understand the great sadness felt when our pets leave us – the huge hole that they leave behind. We are committed to providing the professional, compassionate and caring service, that only people who have gone through the loss of a pet can.

My current menagerie

IMG_0010_2 IMG_3415

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Spook dec 11 These are the animals that I currently share my life with: The 2 fluffy cats (both rescues) Des and Gris, are sisters who don’t actually like each other very much!. The black cat is Chloe (also a rescue cat) who is extremely happy and loves everyone. The hairy Slovakian pointer is Spook; now 8 years old but not showing any signs of slowing down and last but not least is the dog with the extremely long tongue and matching ears, Rocco. Our pets are all as much a part of our family as any human member and are completely loved and considered in everything we do as a family. I cannot imagine my life without pets, but I expect it would be  empty and dull.

 A few recent pet memorials from Running Free in natural stone

Our memorial stones have a natural look which blend perfectly into a garden setting – We have a wide range of memorials from understated and simple stones,  like these limestone memorials shown here; to  something a bit more decorative like this rose marble plaque (below) which has stronger colours and patterns  – and with many more styles and stones in between.

Rustic standing stone for Mitten & Maisie


Bessy’s limestone boulder


Rose marble Cloud Plaque for Clive

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