pet memorial sandstone boulder for wez - perfect in the garden

It is beautiful! Your service has been exceptional and we would gladly recommend your business” – Diane in Yorkshire

Sand stone boulder

Sand stone pet memorial boulder.  “Really pleased with Bobby’s pet memorial!” – Margaret, South Lanarkshire

rustic limestone pet memorial with paw print motif

A rustic limestone pet memorial with paw print motif for Kota the Malamute. Standing (44 cm high) proudly in West Yorkshire

sandstone stepping stone pet memorial for Bailey

“….simply heartbreakingly lovely. You have provided an excellent, prompt, considerate service + product with exceptional value for money. Bailey meant the world to us and we feel that this is a fitting way to mark his grave in our garden” – Robert in Cambridgeshire

rose marble rustic heart pet memorial

“It is really lovely, so appropriate for my wee toy poodles, delicate and pretty.  Thanks so much for the design and the effort you put into making this a first class purchase!” – Christine in Falkirk


Millie’s limestone pet memorial faces upwards and has an unpainted inscription. “My Running Free pet memorial will be a permanent reminder of Millie’s long and happy life.  Thanks for the excellent service!” – Sam F. Derbyshire

limestone standing stone pet memorial for Stockwell. In garden amongst bluebells unpainted letters roman font

A simple yet beautiful pet headstone made in limestone for Stockwell. 44 cm high with an unpainted natural looking inscription in a Roman font

very large sandstone pet memorial boulder for pickle & dolly

A substantial pet memorial boulder made of sandstone with an unpainted natural inscription looking beautiful amongst the flowers. ‘It looks great! Thanks” Mark in Berkshire


“We were very happy with our RunningFree pet memorial stone. The staff were professional, efficient and caring and our stone looks lovely in Suki’s favourite spot by the pond where she spent many happy hours harassing the fish.” – Joy, Hans and Suki

pet memorial boulder for pip in sandstone standing in the garden

“The stone is fantastic – I love it!  It’s how I hoped it would be. I liked the look of your website – it was classy. Thank you for your excellent service – Rose Marie in London

limestone gothic style standing stone pet memorial for flora in the gardens natural unpainted inscription

Flora’s stone is (sadly) the 3rd pet memorial that we have made for this customer. All have been the same style as Flora’s i.e. a limestone standing stone with a Gothic style top. These pet memorials look stunning in the garden as you can see…

pet memorial boulder in sandstone with running horse motif and inscription painted black for rhiannedd

“Absolutely delighted! Lovely choice of very tasteful memorial stones + fantastic service all round” – Sara in Wales

limestone standing stone pet memorial with letters and paw print in relief for albert

Lovely headstone, so pleased with the finished product. Thanks Suzanne”

Geoff S – East Sussex

rose marble heart black letters with paw print motif for coco

‘Your service has been brilliant! I hope her stone will help me move on a little – I miss her so much” Caitlin in Cornwall

basaltic column pet memorial with paw print motif for ethel

“Thank you so much, it is perfect! A wonderful reminder of our loving and loyal dog. Your service has been first class” – Janine in Staffordshire

sandstone pet memorial boulder with brown inscription and pawprint motif for Misty in the gardens

Beautiful sandstone pet memorial boulder for Misty the tabby cat “It’s lovely….. it is in her favourite spot in the garden”  Jenny R in Bucks

sandstone column pet memorial with unpainted letters for Bruno in the garden

Sandstone obelisk for Bruno “Thank you for the stone, my wife is touched and it is a fitting memorial to our pet” Darren M in Lancashire

sandstone pet memorial boulder with pawprint motif for Buster amongst blue geraniums in the gardens

A natural sandstone boulder for Buster the border terrier. My customers Andrew & Susanne in Berkshire were “very happy” with it

rainbow cobble pet memorial for casper with letters in relief

A rainbow cobble pet memorial with the inscription in relief for Casper

sandstone pet memorial boulder with unpainted inscription for doonie

Lovely pet memorial for the beautiful blue eyed Siamese puss Doonie. “We couldn’t be happier with Doonie’s stone. With many thanks for your wonderful service. Thank you Running Free!” – Rosslyn R in Scotland

rustic pet memorial tablet in sandstone with heart motif for molly

A simple tablet style pet memorial with a heart motif for Molly the orange roan English cocker spaniel – Nottinghamshire

limestone pet memorial boulder with stretching cat motif for fudge

The 2nd cat memorial boulder we have made for Mike in Birmingham who says “It looks great! thanks  – it is side by side with Willow’s stone”

sandstone pet memorial boulder with collie dog motif for pippin

Shannon in the USA bought this stone for her brother in London when he lost his collie Pippin. He said “Thanks so much for the beautiful pet memorial stone. It’s perfect!”

rose marble pet memorial heart for suzi

A beautiful rose marble pet memorial heart for Suzi the smiling Staffie from Hartlepool

natural sandstone oval pet memorial with paw print motif for maya

Your website had exactly what I was looking for. It was easy to use and when I contacted you you replied quickly even outwith office hours. This showed me that you thought of the memorial stones as more than simply a business. Amanda in Lanarkshire

limestone tablet pet memorial with unpainted letters for tikka

A limestone tablet to remember a beautiful and very intelligent fox red labrador called Tikka from Berkshire

basaltic pet memorial column with handcarved letters for fifi

A stunning hand carved basaltic column pet memorial for Fifi Moments

rainbow cobble pet memorial with letters in relief for Gemma

Rainbow cobble with letters in relief for Gemma. The 2nd stone we have made for this customer – thank you for the repeat business

rustic limestone pet memorial oval with unpainted letters by pond for candy

“Looks excellent…your personal touch in keeping us informed at every step of the way has been excellent! – Alan M in Kent

limestone pet memorial boulder with unpainted letters for meg

Megs stone is maybe the 10th pet memorial we have (sadly) made for this customer (Tim C in Kent) over the years and we really appreciate their repeat custom

limestone pet memorial with unpainted letters for bessie standing amongst forget me not flowers

Limestone pet memorial for Bessie looking beautiful amongst the forget me nots

sandstone column pet memorial with pawprint motif and all unpainted for jasper in the wildflower garden

We are delighted! it is a lovely memorial and exactly what we had wanted – David C in Bedfordshire

rainbow cobble with letters in relief for ted amongst the sedum

It’s just perfect and I will be putting it in a raised area of the garden amongst the ferns. I am truly delighted with it thank you – Alison in Cardiff


Pet headstone Gothic style in limestone for Treacle. “Absolutely thrilled with Treacle’s pet headstone … so much nicer than in the photograph … beautifully finished … exceeded my expectations” – Anne H.S., Surrey


Stepping Stone pet memorials like this one here for Meg are a lovely way to remember your pet


to follow


Ted’s Basaltic Column Pet Memorial “Ted’s memorial is just perfect … Am truly delighted with it, thank you so much ” – Alison M., Cardiff. 


Standing Stone Pet Memorial “Am extremely pleased with Emma’s pet memorial. So nice to have a constant reminder of my wonderful dog in the garden. Thank you for your kind and compassionate service ” – Jacque B., Oxford


Ben’s sandstone pet memorial garden boulder, sideways facing. V cut hand finished unpainted letters


Limestone standing stone “It is beautiful, thank you so much” – Chris & Steph C., Cheshire.


Oliver’s gothic style memorial


A horse memorial for Barney ”Thank you so much for Barney’s beautiful horse memorial…exceptional quality and great that you were able to incorporate Barney’s own shoe … makes it very special …“ – Wendy P., Hants 


Jule’s rustic standing stone


“A really lovely stone and a fitting tribute to Barnaby who was delightful and dearly loved … Have very much appreciated your help at what has been a really horrendous time. Only other dog people, of which you are clearly one, can really understand … Many thanks for everything“ – Rosemary H., East Sussex. (October, 2008)


Ashi’s Limestone Standing Stone Pet Memorial

“Very smart and lovely quality … Thank you for all your kindness”

Joey B., West Sussex. (October, 2008)


Limestone rustic garden pet memorial “Looks superb, a fitting tribute to 2 very special cats. Thank you for your care, attention, excellent communications and a wonderful stone“ – Paul S., Conwy


Hand carved sandstone column pet memorial. “It is beautiful thank you so much” – Nina C., Colchester. 

A stone garden pet memorial for Patch.
“Thank you so much we are absolutely delighted – it is perfect. Thank you also for all  your care over this – it means a lot and makes a sad time a little easier”
Janie B., Herfordshire

Limestone Pet Memorial “Thank you, his pet memorial is as unique as he was”  


Percy’s Pet Memorial Limestone Obelisk.

“I am delighted with it. It looks really well. Thanks again Suzanne for all your help and patience, it was really appreciated”

Julie B., County Down (November, 2007)


“We are very pleased with Bessie’s memorial. Thank you for your efficient and compassionate service. We will certainly recommend you to our animal loving friends”

Brigette and Adam W., Shrewsbury (November, 2007)


“Very pleased with Tom’s memorial. It looks lovely under the apple tree where he is buried and in the evening we can see it from the house and it‘s just a nice reminder that he’s there. The stone is almost the same colours as his fur and has made his loss a little easier. Thank you” – Katy L., Derbyshire (October, 2007)


Odin’s Pet Memorial Rose Marble boulder

“It looks great. Thanks for all your help and please pass on our thanks to the masons as well”

Liam D., Chichester (October, 2007)


Oskar’s Pet Memorial Limestone Boulder.

“Looks great!”

Oliver H., West Sussex (September, 2007)


Cookie’s Pet Memorial Limestone Boulder

It looks lovely, thank you very much and thank you for your support through our time of sorrow”

Jo & Michael, Norfolk (July, 2007)


Max’s Pet Memorial Limestone Boulder. “My wife and I are over the moon with the quality and finish of the stone. The colour of the text looks just right against the colour of the stone. Once again, thanks for providing a wonderful tribute at what has been a difficult and emotional time”

Christopher A., Durham (June, 2007)


”It’s beautiful, stunning … perfect – just what we wanted. We have laid it in place for all to see, not that we will ever forget her”

Carol & Andrew, Somerset (Sept, 2012)