About Us

The concept of our small family business was started when we lost one of our cats Mu and wanted a pet memorial to commemorate his life. We looked for something that was natural and individual, as a reflection of his personality, and also something that fitted beautifully into a garden setting. We didn’t find it, so we made our own. Mu’s memorial headstone was admired by others and we began to make them for the dogs, cats and horses of our local community. Over time, this demand grew and so did our work volume. We called our business Running Free pet memorials because that is how we like to remember all the pets we have loved and lost. As people who are strongly committed to the well-being and happiness of our animals in life, we think it is important to treat them with a similar respect and dignity in death. Our beautiful and natural stone pet memorials are a perfect fitting tribute to the life of our wonderful animal friends.