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Pet Memorials in Natural Stone
remembering our animal friends

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Sandstone pet memorial boulder for Rory

sandstone pet memorial boulder 2
Rory’s sandstone pet memorial boulder was made here at Running Free with a lot of care and attention to detail. We wanted it to be exactly right for our customer. This boulder looks very natural because we use as much of the boulders natural form as we can so that it will blend really well into a garden setting.  
sandstone pet memorial boulder 2

Rory’s sandstone pet memorial boulder

We craft these pet memorial boulders from limestone and rose marbles, as well as the sandstone that you see here. The inscription lettering is fantastic quality as you can see below and is crafted by our extremely experienced masons.  In our opinion, the inscriptions look best on the sandstone boulders if they are left unpainted, as that gives them a very natural look.
sandstone pet memorial boulder

Rory sandstone pet memorial boulder

Our customer was ‘…very pleased with his stone..’  We send our pet memorials all over the country. This boulder has been sent off to Stirlingshire where it is now providing a focus of remembrance in our customers garden.   Please take a look at our website  for other examples of sandstone pet memorials and all the other types of pet memorials that we make here at Running Free.

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