Running Free

Pet Memorials in Natural Stone
remembering our animal friends

"it has touched our hearts as a fitting tribute to him and will sit by the tree where we laid his ashes"

My current menagerie

These are the animals that I currently share my life with: The 2 fluffy cats (both rescues) Des and Gris, are sisters who don’t actually like each other very much!. The black cat is Chloe (also a rescue cat) who is extremely happy and loves everyone. The hairy Slovakian pointer is Spook; now 8 years old but not showing any signs of slowing down and last but not least is the dog with the extremely long tongue and matching ears, Rocco. Our pets are all as much a part of our family as any human member and are completely loved and considered in everything we do as a family. I cannot imagine my life without pets, but I expect it would be  empty and dull.

What do you think?

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