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Pet Memorials in Natural Stone
remembering our animal friends

"it has touched our hearts as a fitting tribute to him and will sit by the tree where we laid his ashes"

Marble pet memorial boulder

marble pet memorial boulder

A Rose marble pet memorial boulder for Meg and Lottie

It is unusual to see this beautiful marble being used for a pet memorial boulder as it is rarely offered for this purpose.  This stone has pink, green, grey and white coloured veining as well as mica deposits which gives it a glittery effect when the light catches them. The  rose marble pet memorial boulder is a decorative stone with strong colours and patterning. Usually the inscription letters are cut into the stone and painted white, black or grey as with Meg’s stone above. Alternatively, unpainted but polished inscriptions can stand proud of the stone face marble pet memorial boulder lottie   like in Lottie’s marble pet memorial boulder. This effect is achieved when the inscription is masked and the background is blasted away leaving the letters in relief. The letters with the brown colour on the stone above still have the mask on. This is peeled away to reveal the inscription which has the same colour and pattern as the background stone. The face of the marble pet memorial boulder can range from being highly polished, smooth and glossy, to a roughened natural finish like that of Lottie’s stone above. Both inscription styles look beautiful and effective and make the rose marble pet memorial boulder a popular choice for those who like something a bit different.

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