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Pet Memorials in Natural Stone
remembering our animal friends

"Absolutely delighted.... A stunning looking stone which has been beautifully carved"

Berkeley’s sandstone pet memorial

sandstone pet memorial
This sandstone pet memorial for Berkeley was made with care at Running Free Pet Memorials for a customer in Scotland. It has now been placed in his former garden amongst the flowers and has helped to create a special area where his life can be celebrated and he can be remembered with joy. Our customer […]

Sandstone pet memorial boulder for Rory

sandstone pet memorial boulder 2
Rory’s sandstone pet memorial boulder was made here at Running Free with a lot of care and attention to detail. We wanted it to be exactly right for our customer. This boulder looks very natural because we use as much of the boulders natural form as we can so that it will blend really well […]

Stepping stone pet memorial

stepping stone pet memorial for sasha
Here is a simple, yet beautiful stepping stone pet memorial that we made with great care here at Running Free pet memorials for Sasha and another matching one for Bridie. We were delighted that our customer was happy with them and this is what they said “… exactly what we wanted and ….It is really […]

Dog memorial stone for Tallulah

dog memorial stone
We made this dog memorial stone for a lovely customer in Abergavenny who very sadly had lost her old English sheep dog Tallulah. Her stone was made with care by us here at Running Free pet memorials and we hope that it helps in some small way. Tallulah’s nick name was Beans because apparently she […]

Stone cat memorial

stone cat memorial
A beautiful stone cat memorial for Dusty from Running Free pet memorials. Made from sandstone and inscribed with a Roman font, this stone cat memorial will keep Dusty’s memory alive.

Garden pet memorial stone

Garden pet memorial stone
This beautiful garden pet memorial stone for Patch was made by us here at Running Free pet memorials. We are passionate about our pet memorials and really care that our customers are happy with them. So it’s really nice when we receive lovely messages from our customers, like the one below: ‘Thank you so much […]

Stone pet memorial boulder

stone pet memorial boulder
This stone pet memorial boulder was recently made for a much loved pet. It has been placed amongst plants within a flower bed where it blends really nicely into it’s surroundings. This stone pet memorial is made from best quality sandstone and looks effective and natural in a garden because of its boulder style and […]

Stone pet memorial for Rocky

Stone pet memorial
A stone pet memorial for Rocky. This lovely stone, finished last week was sent off to Cheshire where it will be placed in the garden to commemorate a much loved pet. This beautiful stone pet memorial is made from sand stone and has an inscription that was first incised and then painted black. Sand stone […]

Memorial pet stone

Memorial pet stone
A memorial pet stone for Ben This beautiful pet memorial is made from best quality sandstone and looks lovely in the garden. The inscription has V cut letters which are hand-finished and have been left unpainted. A memorial pet stone for the garden that looks beautiful and natural. Weathering beautifully over time, the sandstone memorial […]

Marble pet memorial boulder

marble pet memorial boulder
A Rose marble pet memorial boulder for Meg and Lottie It is unusual to see this beautiful marble being used for a pet memorial boulder as it is rarely offered for this purpose.  This stone has pink, green, grey and white coloured veining as well as mica deposits which gives it a glittery effect when […]

Stepping stone pet memorial

stepping stone pet memorials
This stepping stone pet memorial is made from lime stone and looks very natural in the garden. We made this one for Meg, quite a while ago now but have made many more stepping stone pet memorials since, including this one here for Nando. Commemorate your cat or dog with a lovely stepping stone pet […]

Garden pet memorial

Garden pet memorial
This garden pet memorial for Chrissie is the second one we have made for this family, having made a similar one for another one of their pets, Max, a few years ago. It is always sad when we are asked for a second, or even third pet memorial even when there is a few years […]

Pet memorial in sand stone for Bobby

pet memorial sand stone
Bobby’s pet memorial is a sand stone garden boulder that is upwards facing with an unpainted inscription. This lovely stone was finished this week and is going off to Lanarkshire to commemorate a much loved pet; Bobby. Having a pet headstone or pet memorial in the garden can help with the grieving process and provide […]

Pet Memorial Garden Boulder

pet memorial lime stone
Here you can see a beautiful limestone pet memorial that we made for a much loved pet, Molly. This will be placed in a garden next to one we made a few years ago. These memorial boulders blend really well into a garden setting. They weather very nicely and so continue to look beautiful for […]

Tom’s memorial stone from Running Free pet memorials

rainbow cobble pet memorial
We made this cobble in remembrance of a much loved cat called Tom.  His owners said that they were “so pleased with Tom’s memorial,  that it looks lovely under the apple tree were he is buried and it’s a nice reminder that he is there. The stone is almost the same colours as his fur. […]

A few recent pet memorials from Running Free in natural stone

Our memorial stones have a natural look which blend perfectly into a garden setting – We have a wide range of memorials from understated and simple stones,  like these limestone memorials shown here; to  something a bit more decorative like this rose marble plaque (below) which has stronger colours and patterns  – and with many […]

My current menagerie

These are the animals that I currently share my life with: The 2 fluffy cats (both rescues) Des and Gris, are sisters who don’t actually like each other very much!. The black cat is Chloe (also a rescue cat) who is extremely happy and loves everyone. The hairy Slovakian pointer is Spook; now 8 years […]

Running Free Pet Memorials

The core family business was memorial stone masonry. The business had been established for 70 years and is still going on in a number of different forms with various family members. I am a real animal lover and I wanted to provide natural, boulder type memorials for animals that could be placed in a garden setting […]

Running Free Pet Memorials

Here at Running Free, we care passionately about animals; about their welfare and happiness and are against all types of cruelty, neglect and mistreatment. On my website you can find links to the Animal Heath Trust (AHT) who do amazing health related veterinary research and also links to Pupaid, which is a campaign to reduce and hopefully […]

My first ever Blog post for Running Free Pet Memorials

This post is to introduce ourselves and to say why we started Running Free and what we are all about. The picture below is of Minnie (my friend’s cocker spaniel) snoozing on the beach at Hengistbury Head in Dorset, and it is included here simply because it’s my favourite dog picture from last year.
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