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Pet Memorials in Natural Stone
remembering our animal friends

Looks lovely under the apple tree where he is buried.....

Garden pet memorial

Garden pet memorial This garden pet memorial for Chrissie is the second one we have made for this family, having made a similar one for another one of their pets, Max, a few years ago. It is always sad when we are asked for a second, or even third pet memorial even when there is a few years in between. However, it is nice to know that our customers return to us because of the care and attention that we put into every garden pet memorial that we make.

sand stone pet memorial

sandstone pet memorial boulder Sand stone pet memorial boulder. Sideways facing, Roman font, unpainted inscription.   “Really pleased with Bobby’s pet memorial!”   Margaret, South Lanarkshire

Rustic limestone pet memorial

rustic limestone pet memorial A rustic limestone pet memorial for Mitten and Maisie   “Our pet headstone arrived safely this morning, and looks absolutely lovely”.     Louise and Graham H

Pet memorial headstone

pet memorial headstone A pet memorial headstone for Hydee showing motif of her fave toy   “…..the most beautiful memorial stone for my Hydee¬†…. now to take pride of place in my garden. Thank you so much “   Peter B, ¬†Milton Keynes

Pet memorial in sand stone for Bobby

pet memorial sand stone Bobby’s pet memorial is a sand stone garden boulder that is upwards facing with an unpainted inscription. This lovely stone was finished this week and is going off to Lanarkshire to commemorate a much loved pet; Bobby. Having a pet headstone or pet memorial in the garden can help with the grieving process and provide comfort at a very sad time. pet memorial sand stone

Pet Memorial Garden Boulder

pet memorial lime stone Here you can see a beautiful limestone pet memorial that we made for a much loved pet, Molly. This will be placed in a garden next to one we made a few years ago. These memorial boulders blend really well into a garden setting. They weather very nicely and so continue to look beautiful for many years!
pet memorial in limestone

Limestone pet memorial for Molly

Pet memorial garden boulder for Molly

pet memorial garden boulder The inscription is incised, in Roman font and has been left unpainted for a natural look. Molly’s pet memorial garden boulder made from limestone and “looking beautiful in the garden“.  
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