Running Free

Pet Memorials in Natural Stone
remembering our animal friends

We are absolutely delighted with Patch's pet memorial, It is perfect and makes a sad time a little easier

A pet memorial for Millie

stone garden pet memorial Millie’s pet memorial is an upwards-facing lime stone boulder pet memorial with an unpainted inscription in Roman font. “My Running Free pet memorial will be a permanent reminder of Millie’s long and happy life.  Thanks for the excellent service!” Sam F. Derbyshire

Tom’s memorial stone from Running Free pet memorials

rainbow cobble pet memorial We made this cobble in remembrance of a much loved cat called Tom.  His owners said that they were “so pleased with Tom’s memorial,  that it looks lovely under the apple tree were he is buried and it’s a nice reminder that he is there. The stone is almost the same colours as his fur. Having a memorial stone for Tom has made his loss a little easier. Thank You”.  
pet memorial for Jem

My rescue cat Jem

We made a similar one for our rescue cat Jem who originally lived ferally on an estate in Milton Keynes – how she survived I really don’t know; she was a terrible hunter! She lived with us from around the age of 18 months and died of old age (on my lap) last September. Sleep tight xx

A few recent pet memorials from Running Free in natural stone

Our memorial stones have a natural look which blend perfectly into a garden setting – We have a wide range of memorials from understated and simple stones,  like these limestone memorials shown here; to  something a bit more decorative like this rose marble plaque (below) which has stronger colours and patterns  – and with many more styles and stones in between.


My current menagerie

These are the animals that I currently share my life with: The 2 fluffy cats (both rescues) Des and Gris, are sisters who don’t actually like each other very much!. The black cat is Chloe (also a rescue cat) who is extremely happy and loves everyone. The hairy Slovakian pointer is Spook; now 8 years old but not showing any signs of slowing down and last but not least is the dog with the extremely long tongue and matching ears, Rocco. Our pets are all as much a part of our family as any human member and are completely loved and considered in everything we do as a family. I cannot imagine my life without pets, but I expect it would be  empty and dull.

Running Free Pet Memorials

The core family business was memorial stone masonry. The business had been established for 70 years and is still going on in a number of different forms with various family members. I am a real animal lover and I wanted to provide natural, boulder type memorials for animals that could be placed in a garden setting and not look out of place. The idea for Running Free was conceived when I lost my beloved cat “Mu” and although I searched extensively, I couldn’t find the right memorial stone for him – so in the end with the help of the stone masons from the family business, I produced my own. Mu’s stone was widely admired and I ended up making more memorials for friends and neighbours. As they were so well received, I decided to market them and offer them more widely. That was 10 years ago; now, Running Free pet memorials have been made for customers all over the country and I have also had enquiries from abroad.
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