Running Free

Pet Memorials in Natural Stone
remembering our animal friends

My Running Free pet memorial will be a permanent reminder of Millie's long and happy life

Running Free pet memorials are made from finest quality natural stone by highly skilled craftsmen to create beautiful and lasting garden tributes to
our animal friends. We can offer you a wide range of quality stone, styles and sizes; and our simple proofing process will ensure that your pet
memorial will be just as you expect it

Our natural stone pet memorials blend beautifully into the garden helping you to remember your pets in their favourite place. The rocks look
stunning, wet and dry, and weather beautifully. A wonderful way to commemorate your friends life. All standard pet memorials are shipped
via courier with free mainland UK delivery.

Pet Memorials

Unique stone pet memorials, add your thoughts and special words in an inscription and be sure that your pet memorial will be just as you expect because of our proofing system


Rustic Stone House Signs

We have made numerous rustic and traditionally styled stone house signs – both boulders and plaques. Our range has a natural feel; much like our pet memorials, with soft stones such as limestone, York sandstone, slates and marbles being really popular. However, polished/honed granites still make up a fair chunk of our work

A little bit of pet working

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